NeHaber UK Top 50 most influential Turks

In order to establish the NeHaber UK Top 50 most influential Turks survey, we selected a group of jury members from NeHaber users.
In selecting the jury members, we paid attention to the fact that the person voting must have lived in England for at least two years.

For each jury member to connect to the system and join in the survey, we assigned each user a random unique ID. The URL's containing the random unique IDís provided the power to access this survey. This was then shared with each jury member via the NeHaber WhatsApp channel.

After the links were shared on the WhatsApp channel, the jury members were given a two-day period to vote on the NeHaber UK Top 50 most influential Turks list.
During this two days time, reminder messages were sent to the jury members who were sent link to himself for voting but have not yet joined the voting.

After the completion of the two-day voting period, accessing the system was closed and jury members were prevented from voting.
According to the answers given by the jury member after the voting, the score of each famous person was calculated according to the below table and the total score they received from the jury members was found.

As a result of the calculation, the list ordered to highest to lowest scores and defined the top 50 famous person.
In order to decision the order of famous people who have received the same score after ranking; "5- In", "4- Maybe In" and "3- So So" answers were counted separately. Thus, famous people who have got the same score according to juri's answers were re-ranked among themselves.
After the second ranking operation to the famous people who have same points, our Top 50 list reached the final version and was shared with you.

NeHaber UK Top 50 most influential Turks

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